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Gamer Survives Stabbing Thanks To Witcher Card Game Gwent

Gamer Survives Stabbing Thanks To Witcher Card Game Gwent

A very lucky escape.



Words by: Catherine Lewis

When it comes to card games, skill and a good strategy will almost always beat luck, but this Reddit user's incredible fortune saved them from way more than just a loss in a game. Meet AntonRauch, someone who definitely needs to buy a lottery ticket when they can. They posted on the r/witcher subreddit to share a frankly surreal story of how a set of The Witcher Card Game literally saved them from being stabbed.

After buying the set, the gamer was on their way home when they were attacked by a stranger in an alleyway. After exchanging blows, the attacker fled, and upon finally getting home, AntonRauch looked in a mirror and immediately noticed a knife sticking out of their stomach.

"I looked at the place of impact, carefully unbuttoned my jacket, and was already preparing to see a bloody mess, but then the second F*CK came, the knife got stuck in the very deck of [Gwent] that I bought today," AntonRauch said. "I carefully checked whether it [broke] through the box and entered my stomach, but apparently I was born in cuirass, the knife got stuck in the box, and did not come out of it, without hurting me." Talk about a lucky escape!

The user later gave an update post with some pictures, and you see just how fortunate they were to get away from the situation unharmed. The knife had got stuck straight into the centre of the (thankfully) thick box, preventing it from reaching any skin. Poor Geralt on the front of the box didn't get away quite so easily though - he took the blow in AntonRauch's stead. What a guy.

Other users on Reddit are pouring out their support for the lucky gamer: "As someone born and raised [in] a violent country, all I have to say is. Glad you survived this day, my friend. I'll drink one in your name." commented ThunderdopePhil. "Glad you are okay. Have a beer and enjoy Gwent." added Positive_Pound3982.

And undoubtedly they will, as according to AntonRauch, the set didn't suffer much damage at all, aside from Geralt's new scar on the box. The main thing of course is that they got away safely, and no doubt they'll hold onto that box like a lucky charm from now on.

Featured Image Credit: AntonRauch via Reddit, CD Projekt RED

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