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‘1 VS 100’ Is Definitely Being Revived For Xbox, Says Insider

‘1 VS 100’ Is Definitely Being Revived For Xbox, Says Insider

Question time

The popular online trivia battle royale 1 Vs. 100 is “definitely” making a return on Xbox Series X/S, according to reporter Jeff Grubb. 

The MMO trivia game ran for two seasons on Xbox 360 back in 2009, releasing “episodes” weekly over on Xbox Live. As the name suggests, 1 Vs. 100 pitted one player ("The One") against 100 other players ("The Mob").

The One could win 10,000 Microsoft points if they were able to out-smart every single member of The Mob across a series of trivia questions. If The Mob won, they would get to split those points and pocket a free game. It was quite unlike any other trivia game out there, and is fondly remembered. 

Speaking on the latest episode of his Giant Bomb show (thanks, VGC), Grubb confirmed that the 1 Vs. 100 reboot is being developed by Altspace VR.

“1 vs. 100 is coming back,” he said. “They are definitely making that game… and it seems like it’s coming from the AltspaceVR team. They’re spearheading the project and all of the avatars we saw in the Microsoft Teams thing last week, they’re going to use those avatars and bring that stuff in.”

This probably won’t come as a surprise if you’ve been paying attention, especially since Xbox boss Phil Spencer all but confirmed 1 Vs. 100 was coming back last year.

“For all the fans who have been on this with us, we're going to make it good with you guys,” Spencer said during a livestream back in October. “We don't know exactly what it is yet, so thanks for hanging with us during this and our little experiment. We'll learn. Maybe we should even be building our own trivia game, like from our past, that allows people to play a trivia game more often, maybe that could happen.” 

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