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PlayStation 5 Price Shows Up On Amazon UK - But We're Not Convinced

PlayStation 5 Price Shows Up On Amazon UK - But We're Not Convinced

Take this with a pinch of salt.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

How much will the PlayStation 5 actually cost? It's probably one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Sony's next-gen console right now, right next to the launch lineup and what the console actually looks like.

We're hoping that all of these questions will be answered during the PlayStation Future Of Gaming event tomorrow, June 11th. However, all we know for sure is that we're getting a look at a number of PS5 games we'll be playing later this year. The thorny issue of price could be saved for a later event, but as the holiday 2020 launch draws closer, people need to know how much money they'll be parting with.

Ahead of tomorrow's event, the price of the next-gen console appears to have shown up on Amazon UK. As spotted by Wario64 on Twitter, a dummy listing for a 2TB PlayStation 5 model has a price of £599.99. See for yourself below.

£599.99 certainly seems a little steep, but probably not too out there for the price of a next-gen console - especially a 2TB model. With that said, we don't recommend you take this listing as gospel. We're not entirely convinced ourselves.

For starters, Amazon listings can rarely be trusted, especially when they're placeholders. Prices in these instances are often based on educated guesses from an employee tasked with uploading the information, and will rarely be based on any kind of inside knowledge. The existence of certain games and products have certainly leaked via Amazon listings before, but prices and release dates? Not so much.

There's also the fact that, according to this thread on HotUKdeals, there's a 1TB PS5 currently listed on Amazon for the same price. As has been pointed out before, there's been absolutely no talk of a 1TB model - the standard model will come with 825GB of internal storage, so it'd be an... odd move to sell a 1TB and 2TB model in addition. Certainly at launch, anyway.

Oh, and there's the little fact that the same group of listings seem to include Xbox Series X games for PS5. So... nah.

The PlayStation 5 logo - looks familiar, and that's fine
The PlayStation 5 logo - looks familiar, and that's fine

My main takeaway, then, is that these dummy listings shouldn't be trusted - but that doesn't mean they can't give some indication as to price. I can totally see at 2TB model costing somewhere around the region of £600, which would make the standard model roughly £500. This would certainly line up with what most industry analysts have predicted Sony plan to charge for the console.

Hopefully tomorrow's event sheds more light on the price situation. I don't know about you, but I definitely need to start working out how much I'm going to have to save up.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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