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New PlayStation Controller Patent Hints At Focus On Cloud Gaming

New PlayStation Controller Patent Hints At Focus On Cloud Gaming

All cloud, no strife.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Last week, Sony finally revealed the official name and release window for the PlayStation 5, and also briefly touched on a couple of new features that we can expect to see built into the console's new controller, which were're assuming is going to be called the DualShock 5 so as not to break tradition, though this hasn't been confirmed.

In a blog post, PlayStation President Jim Ryan revealed that the next-gen controller would feature haptic feedback (replacing the traditional rumble) and adaptive triggers in an effort to craft more immersive gaming experiences on the next-gen machine.

That's great, but admittedly not much to go on. However, a newly-discovered patent by German website Techtastic has potentially uncovered some more exciting details that could point towards a big shift towards cloud gaming for the PS5, detailing a controller that would connect directly to the internet, instead of to the console itself.

The first details of the PlayStation 5 have been officially revealed
The first details of the PlayStation 5 have been officially revealed

The patent was filed a few weeks back by Sony via the World Intellectual Property Organization, and describes "a controller device for user interactivity with a server of a cloud gaming system is provided." This was filed alongside a sketch that shows the controller connecting to the console remotely via an online server.

"The controller device communicates directly to an access device for connection to a network that connects the controller device to the server without connecting to a client device", the patent reads.

"Wherein the server receives and processes the inputs to render gameplay video that is transmitted over the network for rendering to a display device that is local to the controller device."

As I always point out when we cover any stories regarding patents, this is not confirmation that the PS5 controller will have this feature. It's not even confirmation that this is a feature that's coming to the PS5, or that we'll ever see this cloud-based controller released in an official capacity.

There's every chance that Sony is taking a leaf out of Google Stadia's book and releasing an exclusive controller designed to be used with PlayStation's cloud-based subscription service PS Now, rather than its new console. Sony recently announced something of an overhaul to the service, so it's clear that the company has plans for it that'll carry over to the impending next-generation of hardware.

PS Now /

For now we'll just have to wait and see, but given that the PS5 is officially launching at the end of next year, I'd imagine we don't have too much longer to wait before Sony shares some more concrete details on whatever it has planned for the next-gen console and controller.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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