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​‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Sequel Revealed, It Has Massive Mechanical War Elephants

​‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Sequel Revealed, It Has Massive Mechanical War Elephants

'Horizon Forbidden West' looks massive.

Julian Benson

Julian Benson

Sony is going big on its PlayStation 5 reveal, showing off the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel: Horizon Forbidden West. The developer didn't go into depth on what's new in the game but the trailer itself was packed with teases of what you'll be playing with: including war elephants.

The game picks up with you in control of Aloy but it looks like you've left the lands of the first game behind. There's hints of a corruption spreading across the land that you're going to be tackling, which was something that featured in the first game, too. The new areas you're visiting take you out of the first game's snap, into deserts and tropical beaches.

With the new lands come new dinosaur robots, too, naturally. There's giant mechanical turtles and war elephants. There looks to be a new rival tribe to battle, too, and, as in the first game, you'll be taking the fight to them with captured machines and your bow.

Guerilla Games / Sony

What's not clear from the trailer is what new tools Aloy will have access to. While the first game was a rich and lovely world, you didn't have a great deal of control over the machines you could capture, beyond using them as a mount and having them defend you if an enemy got too close. Hopefully in Horizon Forbidden West we'll see the ability to order your captured pets around a little. It'd be great to be able to use them more as a companion.

The trailer also starred Lance Reddick, an actor you may recognise from The Wire, John Wick, and Remedy's Quantum Break.

The PlayStation reveal featured a lot of returning series, from Ratchet & Clank, to Spider-Man, to Little Big Planet. While Horizon Zero Dawn was expected to get a sequel, it's great to see it in action and hopefully the devs will be showing more of it in action soon.

Featured Image Credit: Guerilla Games

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