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‘God Of War 2: Ragnarök’ Confirmed, Releasing 2021 For PlayStation 5

‘God Of War 2: Ragnarök’ Confirmed, Releasing 2021 For PlayStation 5

Stay frosty

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Announced immediately after the release date and price for the PlayStation 5 - digital and physical editions of the console will come out in a staggered global launch, on November 12th for some territories and November 19th for the rest (what is this, the 1990s?) - the sequel to 2018's God of War is confirmed.

God of War: Ragnarök is being made right now at SIE Santa Monica - the same studio responsible for its predecessor, and a load of other God of War titles. It's TBC on the '2' being in the game's name, so, let's assume from here that it's not - it's just good for the headline, y'see. The very short trailer for the game revealed no gameplay whatsoever, but does feature the last game's protagonist, Kratos, delivering a warning:

"The time draws near. You must prepare yourself."

No doubt that's the big man speaking to his son, Atreus, after the events at the very end of the previous game. (If you've never played it, but do get yourself a PS5, you're in luck, as it's being added to the console's PlayStation Plus Collection for launch.) And then words on the screen: "Ragnarök is coming." That's all we got. Well, that and a date: 2021. Next year. Best get your thermals ready.

It'll probably be good, this one. 2018's God of War came in at 10 on GAMINGbible's Games of the Decade list of earlier in 2020, so we've high hopes indeed. Have a peek for yourself, at the 'trailer' below.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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