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 Young Gamer Playing 'Marvel's Spider-Man' For First Time Is So Damn Heartwarming

Young Gamer Playing 'Marvel's Spider-Man' For First Time Is So Damn Heartwarming

Video games really are magic.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

I'll never forget the first time I got to be Spider-Man in a video game. As a kid, I was utterly obsessed with the wall-crawler (and still am), so my first experience playing 2000's Spider-Man on the original PlayStation is up there with my fondest video game memories. Heck, it's probably up there with my fondest memories in general.

So when I saw this video of a young lad called Ryan playing Marvel's Spider-Man for the first time ever, I related pretty hard to the look of pure joy on his little face. The video, shared by HollowPoiint on Twitter, is only 12 seconds long - but it says everything it needs to. 2020 has been an awful year for so many reasons, but this serves as a much-needed reminder of what video games can do when they're at their very best.

See for yourself below.

To be perfectly honest, Ryan's reaction was pretty much exactly the same as mine the first time I played Marvel's Spider-Man, and I was 25 at the time. Insomniac Games delivered an incredible piece of work that absolutely captured the essence of Peter Parker and his webbed alter-ego, and it makes me so happy to know that it'll be the first Spider-Man game an entire generation of kids like Ryan plays.

Don't get me wrong, I'll always adore 2000's Spider-Man, but could you imagine getting to grow up with a video game like Marvel's Spider-Man? Younger me never dreamed a game like it would ever be possible, and not just because my formative years were spent trudging through increasingly rubbish licensed tie-in Spidey games.

Marvel's Spider-Man /
Insomniac Games

In my 9/10 review for the title (nearly two years ago now!), I called it the best Spider-Man adaptation of all time, and one of the best super hero games to date.

"Simply put, Marvel's Spider-Man is a triumph on almost every level," I wrote. "Even the occasional bit of padding in the story and some repetitive crimes can't get in the way of a game that looks incredible, plays even better, and manages to tell one of the most exciting stories in a video game this year."

I absolutely stand by that. If anything, watching Ryan's face as he plays me almost makes me wish I'd given it a 10. Almost.

Featured Image Credit: Insomniac/HollowPoiint

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