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Titanfall Titans Are Finally Coming To ‘Apex Legends’, Dataminer Finds

Titanfall Titans Are Finally Coming To ‘Apex Legends’, Dataminer Finds

Return of the Mech

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Respawn Entertainment's phenomenally successful battle royale game Apex Legends is set within the Titanfall universe. But one thing the online multiplayer hit's been missing since its launch in early 2019 is the Titanfall series' trademark (and title-providing) giant mechs, the Titans.

But that may well be changing soon, according to a report on GamesRadar+ (also at PC Gamer) which digs into a recent datamining discovery. The site reports that known Apex Legends info-leaker @biast12 - who correctly called the new character Horizon's introduction in Apex's season seven - has posted footage that show players being able to call a Titan into the game map. Sadly not a Titan that a player in Apex can pilot, instead an automated one that opens fire on the enemy. But still, Titans in Apex Legends, guys.

Neither Respawn nor publishers EA have officially stated that Titans are on their way to Apex Legends, as part of any upcoming season - the game is currently in its eighth. But what's also interesting about this Titan-ability leak is the character, or Legend, that's summoning the robotic ally.

Kuben Blisk is a significant antagonist in both the original Titanfall of 2014 and Titanfall 2, its 2016 sequel. And it's he who's shown in the leaked clip (below) posted by @biast12. According to the Titanfall Fandom page(s), Blisk has been a major player in the Apex Games, and may even be their founder based on in-game clues - so it's maybe not a massive surprise to see him popping up as what looks to be a player-controlled character.

In the clip, Blisk uses a 'Standby for Titanfall' ability to bring down an Auto-Titan, with predictably powerful results. In PC Gamer's report, it's added that Blisk has a wall-running ability - something else that carries over from the Titanfall games.

Apex Legends recently released for the Nintendo Switch, and you can see how the hybrid-handheld version of the game compares to the PlayStation 5 in the video above, and read about the port here. And while we might not have a Titanfall 3 on the cards just yet, it's worth noting that Apex Legends' Olympus map was originally designed for that third main-series entry.

Featured Image Credit: EA, Respawn Entertainment

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