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'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Remastered' Soundtrack Confirmed, But It's Missing Some Classics

'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Remastered' Soundtrack Confirmed, But It's Missing Some Classics

Lights out, Guerilla radio

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The original soundtracks for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 are, and always be, incredible. Blending hip hop, punk rock, and metal, these carefully compiled collections were a gateway into a whole new world for an entire generation of kids.

I, for example, was a seven year old whose two sisters constantly listened to S.Club 7 growing up. You can obviously imagine my surprise the first time I played Pro Skater 2 and heard Rage Against The Machine's Guerilla Radio. It changed me to my very core, and I'm glad it did.

The good news is that most of the songs that appeared in the original games will be returning for the recently announced Tony Hawk's 1 And 2 - Remastered. The bad news is that a few are missing, but only a very small handful. There are just five missing songs: Cyco Vision by Suicidal Tendencies, Committed by Unsane, Bring the Noise by Anthrax & Public Enemy, B-Boy Document '99 by The High & Mighty, Out With The Old by Alley Life.

Vicarious Visions Chief Operating Officer Simon Ebejer confirmed to GAMINGbible last week that not every song from the original soundtracks would be returning. He explained that a big part of this was simply because of licensing issues, with the rights for some songs being quite a lot harder to secure - or even to track down.

"With regards to trouble getting all the songs... you know, it's been 21 years," he explained. "Music licensing has changed in that much time, so some of the licensers can't even be tracked down. But we've done a great job getting as much of the original soundtrack as we possibly can. So I think that fans are gonna be so stoked. They're gonna get to hear their favourite tracks from the original and I'm really excited."

While Ebejer was reluctant to confirm which songs hadn't made the cut, Kotaku later confirmed the five tracks above are the ones we won't be hearing. While it's a bit of a shame, missing only five tracks is pretty impressive. As Ebejer says, it's been over two decades now. Vicarious Visions and Activision have done a good job getting most of them back.

As for whether or not Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 And 2 - Remastered will feature a few new tracks? We'll just have to wait and see. Till then, you can listen to the remastered soundtrack right here.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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