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'Star Wars Battlefront 3' Reportedly In Development As Actors Return To Work

'Star Wars Battlefront 3' Reportedly In Development As Actors Return To Work

Is EA going to give the Battlefront series yet another go?

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

When we got the Star Wars Battlefront games the first time around, in the PlayStation 2 days, there were only two main instalments before the team decided the series had run its course. Years later it was announced that the games were making a comeback, and we've since had another two modern-era Battlefront titles. And if rumours that have started circulating are to be believed, there is a third instalment on the way from EA. And how do we know this? It's all because of some selfies.

Reported by The Direct, two of the actors from 2017's Star Wars Battlefront II are now in the studio again, working their way through a new script and new motion-capture scenes. TJ Ramini shows off his suit he's about to put on with the caption, "Hello, old friend"; while Anthony Skordi shows off a selfie recording some new lines. TJ Ramini plays Del Meeko, while Skordi is the actor behind Admiral Garrick Versio of the Galactic Empire. Janina Gavankar, who played Iden Versio in the games, also has posted images of her hanging out with a motion capture suit.

Now let's add in the fact that Ramini and Skordi have been seen complimenting each others' work on Twitter, as if they had been recently working with one another and have a renewed appreciation of their respective craft. Hmmm. It's all pretty suspicious.

A Reddit post has documented all the interesting occurrences between these actors and many fans think it means there is another Star Wars Battlefront game on the way. Fans even did enough sleuthing to find out that all three of these actors were in the same city, Los Angeles, during November 2020, when they all posted images of mo-cap suits or audio recording.

It's an impressive amount of evidence to back up the theory, but some might remember the original release of Star Wars Battlefront II was a mess of microtransactions. EA listened however, pulled the microtransactions before the game was in the hands of most players, and over the course of Battlefront II's updates, more and more people agreed that it was a lot of fun - a raft of free post-release content sure helped with that.

There are still many fans of the series that want to continue exploring this kind of Star Wars combat, if given the opportunity. And if you're interested in playing Battlefront II you're in luck - it's on the Epic Games Store for free later this week.

Featured Image Credit: TJ Ramini (via Twitter) / EA