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No, The Xbox Series X Isn’t Going To Burn You - Here’s Its Real Temperature

No, The Xbox Series X Isn’t Going To Burn You - Here’s Its Real Temperature

The console is a lot cooler than rumours might have you think

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Ever since the previews of the Xbox Series X have been coming out there has been a strange rumour floating around that the new console from Microsoft has a temperature problem. The internet swelled with a giant game of 'Telephone' where we whispered murmurings of games journalists being burnt by the Xbox Series X, or it heating up the room it was sat in.

Venture Beat, however, has taken up the Myth Busters role of finding out how hot the Xbox Series X really gets, and spoiler alert, it doesn't get that hot at all. When investigating the high-to-low temperatures the console reached, it's actually pretty cool.

Using a thermocouple thermometer that was placed inside each device Venture Beat discovered that the Series X's average temperature was lower than both the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. It was, however, hotter than a PC using an RTX 3080 and Ryzen 9 3900XT.

Xbox Series X /

In numbers, the Xbox Series X reached a max temperature of 50.4C, a low of 38.9C, and an average of 47.7C. The Xbox One X reached a max temperature of 54.5C, a low of 50C, and an average of 52.1C. The PS4 Pro was hotter than either of the Xbox consoles with a high of 65C, a low of 60.1C and an average of 62.5C. I guess that's why it sounds like a jet engine half the time then.

The PC ran the coolest by a little way with a high of 44.1C, a low of 32.1C, and an average of 32.5 so if low temperatures are what you're really looking for then it might be a PC you want. Note we have no idea how hot the PlayStation 5 runs yet, but we'll huddle around one when it turns up and let you know if we get toasty.

So, in short, the rumours are not true. You can't fry eggs on the Xbox Series X, or use it instead of your radiator if you wanted to. It's just a little warm box that plays your games and movies when you want it too. Check out our own comprehensive preview of the Xbox Series X in the video below, or on Facebook or YouTube.

Featured Image Credit: id Software

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