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'DOOM Eternal' Devs Watch Helplessly As Player Beats Game In 27 Minutes

'DOOM Eternal' Devs Watch Helplessly As Player Beats Game In 27 Minutes

Speed demon.

Sarah James

Sarah James

It must be pretty disheartening for developers when they spend years creating a game, taking their time to add detail and realism to levels and environments, to then have someone speedrun through the game and skip through a lot of their hard work. And this is exactly what happened to DOOM Eternal devs when they sat down to watch world-record speedrunner Xamide clear the game in 27 minutes.

It's certainly entertaining to watch, and the developers - namely Marty Stratton (executive producer), Hugo Martin (game director), Jerry Keehan (level design director) and Evan Eubanks (lead game programmer) - all have a laugh about it. I mean, after they get over the initial shock of the first level being cleared in less than a minute thanks to exploits and collision bugs, that is.

You can check out the video above from IGN (via PCGamesN), which is filled with comments such as: "To the fans out there, I apologise. He's not even looking at the vistas. This is not really the way this is supposed to work." One of them even jokes: "Honestly, it does make me, in the DLC, want to account for this a little bit and mess with them. I think it would be fun."

Part of the video has Xamide explaining how he's able to pull off the gravity-defying jumps that allow him to bypass huge sections of the map, and this is largely because of the high frame rates he's playing with. So, naturally, the devs respond with a very tongue-in-cheek, "so because our game is so incredibly optimised and the frame rate is so good, this is allowing this to happen."


And while that last comment is made jokingly, it's probably true. Just prior to the launch of DOOM Eternal, Id Software boasted that the game could support 1000fps, providing you had a machine that could support that kind of output. And while nobody has access to that technology, Xamide is taking advantage of the game's potential performance by running it at a steady 250fps.

The video is definitely worth a watch and it's entertaining to hear the developers quickly go from outright annoyance to resigned amusement. And, of course, Xamide's speedrunning skills are pretty impressive, too.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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