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Streamer Smashes Controller Into Pieces After Devastating FIFA Miss

Streamer Smashes Controller Into Pieces After Devastating FIFA Miss

It was his favourite controller, too.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Twitch streamer Castro_1021 suffered a sickening miss in a match of FIFA 22 that was neck and neck until the last minute, causing him to smash his controller to smithereens in outrage.

So, is it unhelpful of me to say something like "it's just a game"? Probably. With over three million followers, Castro_1021 is famed for his passion for FIFA, spending thousands of hours on the series of football sims since starting his streaming career in 2016. In this match that was streamed yesterday, he was going all out in an online game which was extremely even between the two players, in spite of lag.

The score stood at 1-1 until the opponent managed to secure a second goal. As extra time trickled away, Castro_1021's final shot was stopped by the goalie who leapt out to bat the ball out of the box, causing an emotional reaction to the loss. That's probably the most sympathetic way to describe what happened. Yeah.

Castro_1021's outburst is bound to earn a spot in the most shocking things we've ever seen on Twitch. Check out our compilation of wins and fails on the streaming service right here!

The streamer screamed in anger and smashed the Xbox controller against the desk before throwing it at the floor with some serious force. Once he'd calmed himself down, he showed the chat the outcome of taking his frustration out on the controller.

The back had completely come off with the batteries having popped out of the casing and the left stick was wrecked. I'm no expert but I'd say that the prognosis for the controller is not good. "This was my favourite controller, too, man," lamented Castro_1021. One thing is certain: it's an expensive outlet for your rage.

Now I'm considering what it would take for me to destroy a controller in an upset. Solas tearing down the Veil in Dragon Age 4 because heaven forbid he face the consequences of his actions? Look, BioWare. He can't keep getting away with it. Please let me punt him into the sun like a streamer chucking an Xbox controller after a devastating loss on FIFA.

Featured Image Credit: Castro_1021 via Twitch, EA

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