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Twitch Star Criticised For Buying $2.7m House, Says “Everyone Needs To Calm Down”

Twitch Star Criticised For Buying $2.7m House, Says “Everyone Needs To Calm Down”

Piker is known for his left-leaning political stance and some viewers feel he's abandoned those views.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Hasan Piker, known as hasanabi on Twitch, bought a house in West Hollywood for himself and his family and it's been reported that it is worth almost $3 million. Everyone disliked that.

Not everyone, but you do what you gotta do for the meme. Starting his streaming career three years ago, his follower count and presence on the platform has risen sharply throughout 2021. It's expected that any streamer with such stratospheric success would invest to ensure the longevity and security of their earnings, and that's what Piker has done with the purchase of this house in Hollywood.

A recent report says it's a "roughly 3,800-square-foot pan-Mediterranean style residence that was built in 2014 with white stucco walls and a red tile roof," with five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. And that it cost $2.74 million. That figure has caused some serious controversy for the streamer and he's now getting death threats for spending his money on this house.

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A very loud proportion of people criticised Piker for abandoning the socialist leanings that he promotes in his political chats in streams. Others called him a hypocrite for disagreeing with the existence of billionaires while buying a very valuable house in a very nice neighbourhood. "There's some basic ethical standards in place for a person who wants to call themselves a leader in a movement. If he just wants to be a reaction streamer that's fine, but selling yourself as a 'eat the rich' revolutionary then pocketing it all is [pretty] cringe," said @EnbyRyan on Twitter.

"Idk man it's just flat out unethical to be profiting off of socialism and buying yourself a 3 million dollar home in a state that has one of the highest homelessness rates in the country," added activist Alexis Isabel. "I needed a larger place for my family and also to stream out of. But please, now move the goalposts to how you best think I should be spending my income by mentioning things I already do like donating and then suggest i live in a place you found fitting for me instead," replied Piker.

The sheer scale of this is stunning and there are equal numbers of people congratulating Piker as there are people who are criticising him as there are people who are neutral to the situation. Ultimately, the streamer isn't too hurt by the comments, and his prime concern is to ensure that his new house is safe for him and his family to live there without security risks. "Everyone collectively needs to calm down," said Piker. Hear, hear.

Featured Image Credit: Hasan Piker via Twitch, Edgar Colomba via Pexels

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