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'Squid Game' Has Been Watched By About Half Of All Netflix Accounts, Over 111 Million

'Squid Game' Has Been Watched By About Half Of All Netflix Accounts, Over 111 Million

But Netflix's definition of watching is a little skewed

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

If you haven't been watching Squid Game... honestly what have you been doing? Probably just hearing everyone else talk about it I suppose, as there has been a huge wave of support and interest in the Korean Netlfix series. And though I'm sure you already know the premise, how it's about players taking part in childrens' games to win a huge sum of money, you may not know that nearly half of Netflix accounts have watched the series so far. That's astonishing.

The Netflix UK & Ireland account took to Twitter to tell its followers the stunning statistic. It says: "It took more than 10 years for Hwang Dong-hyuk to get Squid Game made. It took just 17 days and 111M global fans for it to become our biggest series launch ever." As a side note, it also posts a picture of 067 and 240 laughing while looking at a phone that's incredibly wholesome. I guess you two can finally visit Jeju Island, right? Right?

Squid Game has already made it into Roblox...

Anyway, 111 million is a huge number of people watching. According to several statistics sites and Insider Intelligence, Netflix's current monthly subscribership sits at over 209 million. It's likely to be higher than that because 209 mill was recorded in Q2 of 2021, but that still means that about half of all Netflix accounts have enjoyed the show. That sounds almost too good to be true, and well... it just might be.

We're not entirely sure of what metric Netflix is using here to qualify for watching the show. After Netflix tweeted this statistic out, journalist James O'Malley pointed out: "Given the Netflix viewer metric counts two minutes viewing as having watched a show... I'm sceptical of the definition of "fans" here."

Even so, 111 million people pressing play on the series is huge. It's bigger than any other Netflix show and a huge accomplishment even if some of those who pressed play decided it wasn't for them.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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