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'San Andreas' Remake Is In Development Using 'GTA 5' Engine, Says Insider

'San Andreas' Remake Is In Development Using 'GTA 5' Engine, Says Insider

I'll take two number 9s, and a pinch of salt

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A respected Grand Theft Auto insider has reiterated their previous claims that Rockstar Games is planning a remake of the 2004 classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, as well as 2002's Vice City and 2001's GTA III.

At the start of this year, some incredibly exciting reports surfaced that suggested Rockstar was finally diving into its back catalogue to revisit three of its most popular games - GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, as part of a special anniversary remastered collection. Speculation ramped up when various prominent members of the GTA Forums dropped a series of coordinated teases.

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But it's now been months since these teasers first dropped, and we've yet to hear anything official in regards to a trilogy of remakes. However, that hasn't stopped one of the original leakers, Mach1bud, from doubling down.

In a recent thread over on the GTA Forums, Mach1bud maintained that all three games will be remakes built using the same engine Rockstar developed GTA V and GTA Online in (the RAGE engine). They argued that Rockstar already has a "solid amount of the content" created in GTA Online, pointing to the cars as one prime example.

Responding to a sceptical user who argued Rockstar wouldn't be able to develop all three remakes in just a couple of years, Mach1bud countered that Rockstar never makes games with just one studio, hinting that it probably has external support. They also teased that the games will look "better than GTA V, but not as good as Red Dead Redemption 2".

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas /
Rockstar Games

"Some things are better off left defined in a certain way until the truth is revealed," Mach1bud concluded. "For now, take my words as speculation. In the future you can make up your own mind about what the things I've said to be what you think they are or are not. The future will be unreal. Trust me on that."

Take all of this with a pinch of salt for now, of course. The 20th anniversary of GTA III is coming up in October, so I'd imagine if anything is going to be announced, it'll be announced around then. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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