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'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' And 'Days Gone 2' Already In Development, Report Suggests

'Marvel's Spider-Man 2' And 'Days Gone 2' Already In Development, Report Suggests

Keep the good times rolling.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

I think we can all agree that the PlayStation 4's greatest strength was its killer run of single-player exclusives, right? From Marvel's Spider-Man and God Of War to Bloodborne and The Last Of Us Part II, PlayStation users were treated to a smorgasbord of classics. The good news is that Sony clearly intends to keep that single-player gravy train rolling on PlayStation 5.

We already have some idea of what to expect from the next-gen console, of course. Most of us are already playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls. We also have confirmation that sequels to God Of War, Ratchet & Clank, and Horizon Zero Dawn are on the way. We already have a lot to be excited for then, no doubt, but an impressive new Reddit thread has compiled a ton of info and come away with the prospect of 18 unannounced PS5 exclusives.

Brilliantly put together by Reddit user FLACO1942, the thread details everything we know about the games currently in development for PS5. While a lot of them are unannounced titles from well-known studios, there are some pretty exciting tidbits to be found - namely that work has already started on Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Days Gone 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Given the success of both titles, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. We've also seen job listings that all but confirm work on Days Gone 2 has already started. Meanwhile, the ending of Miles Morales guarantees Peter Parker's video game adventure is far from over, although it's a little less clear where Insomniac is with its Spidery sequel.

The last official thing we heard was back in 2019 when Marvel's Spider-Man director Bryan Intihar revealed he'd finished a first draft of the story. Miles Morales was developed by a separate team led by Brian Horton, remember, so it's unlikely that the recent PS5 launch title has gotten in the way of development on Marvel's Spider-Man 2 that much.

Elsewhere in the Reddit thread, there's more talk of the long-rumoured Silent Hill reboot, as well as more remakes from Bluepoint Games. While FLACO1942 isn't convinced that the studio's next remake is Metal Gear Solid, as has been reported, they note that it could still happen. They also touch on the game from Sony's newly founded San Diego studio, which many believe to be a new Uncharted.

Days Gone /
Sony Bend Studio

The thread also mentions mysterious new games from Naughty Dog and FromSoftware, a Bloodborne remaster, The Last Of Us Part II multiplayer, Ghost Of Tsushima 2, and plenty more. The full thread is well worth a read, so be sure to check it out here. Clearly we have plenty of reasons to be excited for the PS5's future.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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