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Gamer Accidentally Tricks Sister Into Naming Her Kid After A Rare Pokémon

Gamer Accidentally Tricks Sister Into Naming Her Kid After A Rare Pokémon

A super effective name.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Listen, I love Pokémon as much as the next nerd. I've collected the cards. I've played the heck out of the games. I've cried during that bit at the end of the first movie where Ash turns to stone. It's one of my favourite video game franchises, and there aren't many lengths I wouldn't go to to show my adoration for the series... I'd probably stop at naming my kid after one of the game's fictional creatures though.

That's exactly what happened in one family recently, however, when a man inadvertently ensured his newborn nephew would be named Zacian - one of the legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Sword & Shield. It's a pretty name, to be fair, but I'm not sure the child or the child's mother would be too thrilled to learn about its true origins.

The man documented the fantastic tale of how he came to name his nephew after the legendary Pokémon over on Reddit. His family were travelling when the subject of what to name the newborn nephew (who was not born in transit, to be clear) came up. His younger sister, the child's mother, had some non-negotiable requirements. The name had to be unique. It also had to start with the letter "Z". Incredibly, this conversation came up just as the man was trying to capture Zacian on his Switch. What else could he do but suggest a name that ticked all his sister's boxes?

He explained to his family that Zacian means "sword" in Japanese (it doesn't), and they ended up deciding to name the newborn after the Pokémon. The hero of our story makes it clear that he was only joking and never actually intended for them to go for it... but I guess if Zacian's mum is happy with the name then who is it hurting?

The only real issue I can see with this is that only the Redditor, his girlfriend, and his older sister know where the name really came from... but they've all decided to keep quiet about its origins until after Christmas. I have no idea how much of a Pokémon fan his younger sister is, or if she'll be that happy when she realises where the name came from and what it means. Then again, it is unique and starts with a "Z", so her brother gave her exactly what she asked for.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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