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Next-Gen Scalpers Made Over $28 Million Profit Through eBay

Next-Gen Scalpers Made Over $28 Million Profit Through eBay

And that's not even including the money made from graphics cards...

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

As annoying as the scalping is for those who have tried to get hold of PlayStation 5s and Xbox Series Xs this year, scalpers have made a lot of money from the process this year. In a study first reported by VGC, research has found that scalpers made over $28 million from selling next-gen consoles on eBay alone.

The results that have been posted on Dev are extensive. Michael Driscoll created a Python script which searched eBay for the sold prices of Xbox Series consoles, PS5s, and the latest series of graphics cards from companies like AMD and Nvidia to create the stats.

The sold products have been broken down into those who are just reselling products for about RRP, scalpers who probably have a business model, and those that are reselling casually. An average was created out of the reselling profit and that average is multiplied by the number of sold units Driscoll's code found. Finally, a cut is removed because of eBay's profits from resellers and voila - we have a total everyone.

$28 million is how much scalpers have made from reselling the Xbox Series S, X, and both digital and disc versions of the PlayStation 5. That's over a total of 62,759 units that were listed for reselling. That's a wild number of products that were bought with the intention of profiting off of other customers.

You thought $28 million was a lot? As we mentioned before, the study actually takes into consideration the number of graphics cards being sold on eBay too. If you include the number of RTS 30 Series, Big Navi, and Zen 3 graphics cards sold, the amount that scalpers have made on eBay from next-gen tech ticks up to $39 million. $39 million from September to the end of the year is a little ridiculous, but it just proves that there are consumers out there that are really desperate to experience the new generation of games as soon as they can.

Featured Image Credit: Sony / Microsoft

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