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Next Batman: Arkham Game Teased Again With Mysterious New Logo

Next Batman: Arkham Game Teased Again With Mysterious New Logo

Twinkle twinkle little bat, where the hell is the trailer at?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Warner Bros (WB) Games Montréal - the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins - is back at it again with a series of frustratingly cryptic teases. At this point, I feel confident in suggesting we all know that the studio is working on a new Batman game. The only real question at this point is when we're finally going to get official confirmation.

The teasers started in earnest towards the end of 2019 when, after months of rumours and speculation, WB Games Montréal finally released a strange video of three different emblems accompanied by the caption "Capture the Knight / Cape sur la nuit". This was swiftly followed by a now-deleted tweet from longtime Batman writer Scott Snyder, who used the hashtag #bewarethecourtofowls, and told fans to "wait for it".

Check out that first teaser below to refresh your memory.

For those unfamiliar with newer Batman lore, the Court of Owls are a fairly recent creation from Snyder. A shadowy organisation that have pulled the stings in Gotham City for generations, the Dark Knight has predictably butted heads with the villainous group on many occasions. Snyder's tweet only added further fuel to the long-running rumours that the Court of Owls would be the primary antagonists in this mysterious new Batman game.

And so, we did as Snyder asked, and "waited for it". We waited. Then we waited some more. Just for kicks, we then waited a little bit longer. Rumours suggested that the new Batman game would be shown during X019. It wasn't. People figured it'd show up during one of Sony's State of Play presentations. It didn't. The Game Awards, surely then, would be the place WB Montreal finally showed off what they were working on. Nah.

We still don't have a trailer or official confirmation of any kind, but what we do have are more mystery emblems to look at. So... that's something. Just recently, WB Games Montréal uploaded one half of a new emblem to its Facebook page, and the other half to its Twitter account. Again, both teases were accompanied by the "Capture the Knight / Cape sur la nuit" caption.

You can see the two pieces of the emblem combined below. It's unclear exactly what it's supposed to be, but to my mind, it looks like it's probably the insignia of the Gotham City Police Department. It gives off that kind of vibe, no?

But it gets more interesting, if you can believe such a thing. WB Games Montréal has now updated its website with some kind of larger design that looks like it'll incorporate multiple emblems. If you head over to the site now, you'll see the recently-revealed emblem in one of the circles, along with one of the previously-revealed emblems (which I think is supposed to represent the League of Shadows, but I can't say for sure).

As you can see below, there are still eight slots left empty. I assume these will be filled in the coming weeks, hopefully in the buildup to an actual trailer. My best guess is that these emblems will represent various factions in the game, including the GCPD, the Court of Owls, the League of Shadows, and more.

WB Montreal

A previous rumour suggested that the game is called Batman: Arkham Legacy, and will feature a cast of playable characters beyond Batman himself, each with their own skills and unique abilities. Perhaps each playable character could come from one of these eight "factions"?

I'll be keeping one beady eye on the website at all times, and will be sure to update you if/when more emblems are added.

Featured Image Credit: Rocksteady/WB