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'Modern Warfare' Battle Royale Details Uncovered In Datamine

'Modern Warfare' Battle Royale Details Uncovered In Datamine

Time to battle.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Dataminers have been busy thumbing through the code of the Modern Warfare reboot since before the game even launched. Various leakers have turned up all kinds of juicy information in doing so, though this latest find, might be the most exciting yet.

Rumours that Modern Warfare would be getting a battle royale mode of some kind have been flying around since summer. Some have even suggested that the Modern Warfare battle royale would be released as a free-to-play standalone experience.

The idea, apparently, was that Activision would use the free mode to encourage people on the fence to try out the game. If they liked what they played, maybe buy they'd buy the "full" version of Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare /

Whatever the case, Infinity Ward and Activision have said very little on the subject. Instead both companies have been telling media and the Call of Duty community that they were focusing on more traditional multiplayer modes. At no point, however, was the possibility of a battle royale ever dismissed outright.

Now, in the most fascinating datamine yet, Redditor Senescallo (via VG24/7) has shared an absolute ton of information that all points to the inclusion of the long-rumoured battle mode. It's an absolutely massive leak that details the names of zones in the battle royale's (huge) map, player perks, the names of various loot and armour, and even evidence of a 200-player lobby.

The leak goes on to claim that Modern Warfare's battle royale will offer solo, duos, and four-player matches, as well as private and public matches. This immediately gives it a leg up over EA's Apex Legends, which currently only allows three-player squads. Solos and duos are occasionally enabled as limited-time events.

It also sounds like there'll be a respawn system in which players can revive fallen teammates by taking down enemies in a 1v1 match in the Gulag. I would not want any friend or teammate to have to rely on me winning a 1v1 with anyone.

You can check out what appears to be the leaked map below. Yes, it is absolutely massive - a damn sight larger than the map featured in Black Ops 4's battle royale mode by the looks of it.

Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare

We can't say for certain that everything detailed in the Reddit post is 100 percent legit, of course. As always, I'd advise you take everything with a pinch of salt until Activision or Infinity Ward share official details.

The leak certainly tracks with everything we've heard so far though, and there's little chance that a publisher Activision would pass up including a battle royale mode in its most popular Call of Duty game in years, right?

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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