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'Hogwarts Legacy' Is Basically 'Bully' Meets Harry Potter, According To Leaker

'Hogwarts Legacy' Is Basically 'Bully' Meets Harry Potter, According To Leaker

Sounds like a winning combo.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

2020 has been a pretty crappy year, but there have been one or two bright spots in the darkness. Among them, I'm sure you remember, was when Warner Bros. and Portkey Games announced Hogwarts Legacy: the long-rumoured Harry Potter RPG that we've all been waiting for.

We were treated to an impressive trailer during the PlayStation 5 reveal event that left Hogwarts Legacy as the star of the show in the eyes of Potter fans all over the world. The open-world RPG really looks like an experience we could sink our teeth into for some time, offering a vast series of locations to explore that includes Hogwarts and many of the iconic surrounding areas.

"The game, which invites you to 'Live the Unwritten', is set in the 1800s, where players will live the life of a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," reads a post on the official Wizarding World website. "Expect Hogwarts Legacy to be filled with all kinds of immersive magic, while your student-character will learn spells, brew potions, tame fantastic beasts, select companions to help them fight off deadly enemies."

We haven't heard much of anything from Portkey Games on Hogwarts Legacy since then, presumably because the team is hard at work getting the game ready for what we hope will be a 2021 release. In that time, however, we've started to hear some potential details on the game trickle through the cracks.

Now, as always with stories like this, I have to advise you to take the following with a pinch of salt. These details were shared by an unverified source on Reddit whose only claim to legitimacy is that they heard it through a cousin's friend who's an engineer on the outside quality assurance team. That's basically "my uncle works for Nintendo" with extra steps, but a lot of this lines up with what we've already heard and seen, and there are some interesting details.

The most interesting takeaway from the alleged leak is that Hogwarts Legacy is basically a lot like Rockstar's Bully, but with magic, which is sure to get a lot of people excited. They explain that you can interact with NPCs "compliment / taunt them at your own discretion. Taunt someone too much and they will report you to a teacher, so get out of there or suffer losing house points."

Hogwarts Legacy /
Warner Bros.

The post also touches on a "dark" story and a potential multiplayer raid system, which are two things we'd previously heard about from leaks before the game had even been announced. Interestingly, however, the last we heard was that the game would not feature multiplayer raids. It could be that this is an extra feature that was cut during some point in development, or simply something that won't be added until after launch. We'll have to wait and see. It also teases that you can tame and ride animals, which would make sense - we definitely saw a wizard riding a Hippogriff in that reveal trailer.

You can read up on the full details here, but those are definitely the key points. We're still not sure exactly when Hogwarts Legacy is set to launch, but we'll be sure to share any new details on this ambitious-sounding Harry Potter RPG just as soon as we get them.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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