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'God Of War' Art Director Creates Incredible Realistic Versions Of Star Fox Characters

'God Of War' Art Director Creates Incredible Realistic Versions Of Star Fox Characters

Born Slippy.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

God of War and Star Fox are very different franchises, I probably don't need to tell you. One is a brutal, bloody quest for revenge that deals with the folly of violence and the struggles of doing what's right in a world gone horribly wrong. The other puts a cast of woodland animals in sci-fi ships while a hare excitedly tells you do a barrel roll.

Look, I'm not saying one is better than the other. Although if push came to shove I think my vote would probably lie with the woodland animals. Regardless, the impossible has happened and the two disparate franchises have finally collided thanks to Raf Grassetti, art director on 2018's outstanding God of War.

Grassetti spent a good chunk of last year amazing gamers around the world with his work on Instagram. The art director had previously turned his detailed, realistic style towards to the cast of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, delighting his followers with entirely unique takes on the likes of Bowser, Link, and Samus Aran.

More recently, he's decided to focus his attention on the Star Fox crew, as the Nintendo sci-fi franchise apparently changed "everything" for the artist when he was growing up. Take a look at lead character Fox McCloud below in all his realistic glory. I say realistic - it's as realistic as a dashing fox spaceship captain can be.

Grassetti's intention is, I assume, to work his way through the entire cast of Star Fox eventually. For now, we only have Fox and one other member of the crew, Slippy Toad. (It looks like Falco Lombardi will be next.) Remember that time Slippy Toad did that cool thing? No. Me either.

It's no secret that Slippy is regarded as one of the most annoying characters in gaming, but Grassetti's take on the character actually makes it seem as if the toad finally has some self worth. If only because he looks like he could unhinge his jaw and swallow you whole if you insulted him.

Grassetti also recently put together some amazing pieces based on Cuphead bosses, as well as a handful of Marvel and Dragon Ball characters so... seriously, just go and check his Instagram out. It's bloody brilliant.

Featured Image Credit: Raf Grassetti/Nintendo

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