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'Far Cry 6' Details Seem To Debunk Popular Vaas Theory

'Far Cry 6' Details Seem To Debunk Popular Vaas Theory

This would've been cool...

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The latest Far Cry 6 details seem to have debunked the increasingly popular theory that the upcoming FPS is actually a prequel to Far Cry 3.

Speculation surrounding a Far Cry 3 prequel started earlier this year, when Vaas actor Michael Mando teased his return to the iconic role during a Reddit AMA. Given the fact that Vaas kicks the bucket about halfway through Far Cry 3, many assumed that if he were to come back for a game, that game would have to take place before the 2012 installment.

Late last week, the first details of Far Cry 6 leaked ahead of its official announcement. Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito loomed large in the promotional images as Anton Castillo, the corrupt leader of an island called Yara. What was more interesting, however, was the news that that Esposito's character had a son called Diego. It was widely believed that Diego was, in fact, a young Vaas.

IGN's Joe Skrebels took to Twitter to point out that Anton's son Diego has a scar above his eyebrow - the exact same spot that Vaas has one. This, coupled with the tease from Mando that he was returning to the role, had people convinced that Diego and Vaas were one and the same.

Unfortunately, the official reveal of Far Cry 6 seems to have scuppered this promising theory. Ubisoft has confirmed that the upcoming game is set in the "present day," which of course means Diego couldn't be Vaas. Far Cry 3 took place in the year it released (2012), meaning a game set in 2020/2021 is absolutely not, and can never be, a prequel story for the villain.

Anthony Gonzalez as Diego in Far Cry 6 /

But this doesn't mean that the popular character couldn't be returning in some capacity. It could very well be that Vaas is connected to Yara somehow, and that in exploring the island we'll dig up a little more backstory on one of Far Cry's best (and most underused) bad guys.

I suppose there's a chance that Ubisoft is lying about Far Cry 6 being set in the present day in order to preserve the surprise, but I doubt it. I mean, just look at the trailer. It's clearly modern day. If Vaas pops up in Far Cry 6, expect it to be strictly in a flashback capacity.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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