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'Deathloop' Looks Like 'Dishonored' By Way Of A '60s TV Series

'Deathloop' Looks Like 'Dishonored' By Way Of A '60s TV Series

Arkane's new shooter looks stylish as hell.

Julian Benson

Julian Benson

First revealed at E3 last year, Deathloop is the next game from Arkane, makers of Prey and Dishonored. If you didn't know that already it would have been clear from the super-powered gameplay. Deathloop puts you in the boots of a powerful assassin trapped on an island with eight targets to kill and, well, a whole host of enemies.

According to the assassin narrating the trailer, called Colt 'The Captain', the island is a paradise for the inhabitants. They're living in a perpetual party and for sport they are hunting you. And, every time they kill you the world resets and everyone you killed comes back from the dead. It's an odd sort of party.

It sounds like to win the game you'll need to kill all eight targets in a single day on the island. What's not clear is if you'll need to do all this in a one playthrough and in a single day/night cycle. There's definitely a lot more to learn from Arkane.

Hopefully now we've seen some gameplay the developer is going to be more open about how it plays. Though, what's clear from the video is that the gameplay is much closer to Dishonored's teleporting all out gunplay than Prey's more careful stealth.

What I loved about the reveal trailer and is also shot through in this gameplay video is Deathloop has a really strong '60s kitsch TV aesthetic. It looks like The Prisoner, if The Prisoner was rated 18 and featured decapitations.

Something that's only really teased in the trailer is the role of Jules, the other assassin on the island - a character sent out to kill you. It looks as though you'll play her as well as Colt and that you may be playing against yourself. Potentially this means after you've done a playthrough with Colt you'll then switch to Jules and try to stop him in his tracks. Again, hopefully Arkane will explain all of this.

Featured Image Credit: Arkane Studios

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