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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Files Uncover Sandbox Mode With Races And Obstacle Courses

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Files Uncover Sandbox Mode With Races And Obstacle Courses

Slow and steady doesn't win the race here.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Call Of Duty: Warzone is about to get a whole lot wackier, if these leaks are verifiable, with a sandbox mode offering vehicle races, pacifist zones, and obstacle courses.

ZestyCODLeaks uploaded the datamined dialogue lines pertaining to the "Plague," "Exfiltration," and "Sandbox" modes that are apparently waiting in the wings. According to their discoveries, the latter mode will include vehicle races, parachute races, and a shooting range.

Lines like "course complete, that's a personal best" and "one lap to go" are very clear about what they refer to, but there are some surprises in the mix. "Manoeuvre to the finish without contacting the ground" seems to suggest that there might be races that require some serious leaps of faith, and "live fire disabled in safe area" points towards pacifist zones (or, more likely, zones where the only weapon you use are your fists). Furthermore, it sounds like players will either seek glory on their ownsome or compete in squads.

Datamined files are difficult to judge because these could have been left there from an earlier build of Warzone, and it is now no longer the developer's intention to continue with these concepts. However, we should put some stock into these voice lines. ZestyCODLeaks is also the person that provided us evidence of Verdansk's unfortunate and inevitable destruction by nukes. The rumour that Verdansk would be replaced has been floating around almost as long as the game itself has, and with the arrival of the zombies on its shores, it seems that Treyarch truly are bidding the world farewell. However, it's not sounding like it will be a happy ending, with voice lines like "this is the end," "Verdansk is overrun, take it back," and "extraction failed, nuke inbound for Verdansk."

Feeling a little smidgeon of déjà vu? Yeah, that's because Fortnite did this first - rifts exploded all over the map and eventually ended with a singularity emerging at the centre of the world, eradicating Fortnite and beginning Chapter 2: Season 1 of the popular battle royale. Oh, and Epic Games introduced the "Party Royale," which did away with automatic weapons and let players frolic to their heart's content with speed boat races and aerial acrobatics competitions. There's that déjà vu again. The theory right now is that Verdansk will be levelled next week, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the game, and the new world will be much more like Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Then, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone's Season 3 is set to start on April 22nd, and will likely contain various challenges related to the sandbox mode and its activities.

Expectedly, Activision and Treyarch have not confirmed that this is the end of Verdansk. Yet, with these dialogue lines, it looks like the writing is on the wall for Warzone.

Featured Image Credit: Treyarch, Activision

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