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93-Year-Old Grandpa Has Become Online Sensation Playing Video Games

93-Year-Old Grandpa Has Become Online Sensation Playing Video Games

Living every gamer's dream.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

What do you hope to be doing when you're 93-years-old? Having a nap? Living your best life on a yacht in the Caribbean? Achieving internet stardom by blitzing tracks in Forza Motorsport 7?

If you answered Forza Motorsport 7, there's a good chance your name is Ryuji Urabe, and you're an ex-taxi driver living in Tokyo, Japan who's taken the internet by storm filming your digital exploits in high-powered supercars. Oh you're not Ryuji Urabe? Well this is awkward. This article was meant exclusively for him, but, I guess I can make an exception, since you're already here and all.

While we're all getting to know each other, let's check out Urabe-san's story, which is really quite wholesome.

Urabe-san has achieved internet fame on a YouTube channel set up by his grandson, who also bought the ex-taxi driver a racing wheel and a large monitor so he could better play his games. The first video uploaded currently has over 3.6 million views, and is full of comments from people expressing their love for the racer.

In the video, Urabe-san is racing in a Mazda Savanna RX-7, which is a real car he's owned since 1990, according to the description. After a slightly shaky start (a very small accident where the car acquaints itself with the wall) Ryuji is off, and honestly? Handling the car better than I probably could.

"He was a cab driver, a dump truck driver, and so on. He had lived his whole life with cars, but now he can't drive anymore. So I wanted to let him drive again," his grandson, Koutarou Yamamoto, explained.

It's clear that the nonagenarian enjoys playing the game, and judging by the success he's had online, it's doubtful he has any plans to stop soon. With Forza Horizon 5 coming out in November, surely Microsoft would be missing a trick not to use this internet sensation in their marketing for the game. I'd personally love to see him included as an in-game avatar. Can we get a petition going?

Featured Image Credit: Olivin.corp. via YouTube

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