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‘DayZ’ Developer Arranges In-Game Memorial For Grieving Player’s Dead Friend

‘DayZ’ Developer Arranges In-Game Memorial For Grieving Player’s Dead Friend

A touching tribute

Bohemia Interactive, the studio behind the popular survival game DayZ, has reached out to a grieving player who recently lost one of their best friends. 

As shared on Reddit, a gamer by the name of Christina Fields recently commented on a DayZ Facebook with a heartbreaking message. 

“My best friend and DayZ partner in crime passed away two days ago,” they wrote. “He would have loved this, and I’m not sure I can pick the game back up. RIP fam.”

The DayZ team was quick to respond, and asked Fields if they could send them a DM on Twitter to arrange some kind of in-game tribute. 

“We’re sorry for your loss,” they began. “Perhaps we could at least place a cross on his favourite part of the map, if you think he would have liked that? And it could also be a nice place for his gaming friends to go and think of him.” 

It’s unclear if Fields reached out to arrange any such memorial, but we’re hopeful that they did. The world of DayZ is obviously massive, but the idea that a little piece of it will forever be dedicated to Fields’ friend and the memories they shared together playing through the game is, hopefully, of some comfort.

This isn't actually the first time the DayZ team has done something like this for a fan. A few years ago, the developer placed a memorial for a player called Jen.

"Jen, known as Poisonantler, died under unfortunate circumstances on March 8," the team wrote in a blog post three years ago. "We decided among the dev team to commemorate her by placing a small cross and a bench in the place where she disconnected for the last time."

Between this, and the recent story of a Halo 2 player who finally tracked down his old gaming buddy to discover that they'd passed away... well, today is as good a day as any to tell the people in your life how much you love them.

Featured Image Credit: Bohemia Interactive

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