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Streaming Star Valkyrae Says She Was Threatened For A Year Before Hack

Streaming Star Valkyrae Says She Was Threatened For A Year Before Hack

The hackers even went live on her account once they had access.

Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter has been one of YouTube’s biggest streamers for a little while now. The content creator has been booming in popularity over the last year or two, but the addition of new fans means that not all of them know the story of her accounts being hacked. The streamer decided to re-tell the story of how she was threatened by hackers for a year before they took several online accounts, including the one for her dog which was never fully recovered. 

As reported by Dexerto, Valkyrae took to her YouTube stream to recall the events of the first Streamer Camp, an online competition back in June 2019 or so. Valkyrae was one of the guest hosts for the show and as Streamer Camp began, accounts of hers were hacked including her Twitch channel and her dog’s Instagram. 

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She says: “They hacked my dog’s Instagram, they hacked my Twitter I think, they hacked my YouTube, they hacked my Twitch, they went live on my Twitch.” She goes on to say how stressful the situation was and explains: “but these guys who hacked me, were threatening me for over a year - that they were going to hack my stuff. And so I was like prepared, you know, “I have nothing that’s leakable, whatever, hack my stuff. You won't”. And then they did, yeah they did.”

Hofstetter’s agent managed to recover the accounts by emailing the companies but sadly, her dog’s Instagram had many photos deleted and were unrecoverable. “It makes me so sad because a lot of his baby pictures were on there,” she sighs. 

Hacking accounts is inconvenient at best and just dangerous at worst, in these situations. It’s not uncommon that people who view streamers content, overstep their boundaries to try to be closer to the influencer or to even hurt them. xQc for example had to leave his home because of the number of intruders that were getting to it.

Featured Image Credit: Valkyrae

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