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"Skyrim IRL" TikTok Star Arrested For Murder Of Wife Could Face Death Penalty

"Skyrim IRL" TikTok Star Arrested For Murder Of Wife Could Face Death Penalty

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Ali Nasse Abulaban, the Tik Tok star accused of fatally shooting his wife and another man in an East Village apartment last week, has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. 

Abulaban was reportedly arrested and charged for killing his wife, 28-year-old Ana Nasse Abulaban, and 29-year-old Rayburn Cardenas Barron at the Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex.

As reported by Times Of San Diego, Abulaban is alleged to have used a handgun to murder the pair. Being charged with multiple murders also means he could face the death penalty if convicted and prosecutors opt to push for capital punishment. 

According to the San Diego Police Department, officers were called to the apartment around 3:10pm last Thursday (October 21). The victims were found lying dead in the living room. Abulaban was stopped by police later that day with his five-year-old daughter in the car. 

Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast claims that Ana Abulaban was pushing for a divorce, alleging that a prior incident of domestic violence with her husband in which he pushed her was part of the reason behind the attempted split. 

Ana Abulaban is said to have asked her husband to move out of the apartment they shared together on October 18. However, Brast believes he made a copy of the apartment key without her knowledge. Brast also alleges that Abulaban used the copied key to get into the apartment on October 21 to vandalise the place and install an app on his daughter’s iPad that would allow him to listen in on his wife’s conversations 

Upon hearing his wife with another man in the apartment via the app, Brast says Abulaban drove back there from the Mission Bay hotel where he was staying and shot both victims. 

Abulaban fled the scene and picked his daughter from school, according to Brast. It’s believed he told her that he “hurt Mommy" at some point. He also allegedly confessed to the shooting to his mother over the phone, and then again to detectives. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok via JinnKid

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