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PlayStation 5 Price And Release Date Appears On Amazon France

PlayStation 5 Price And Release Date Appears On Amazon France

Could this be the one?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Yet another potential price for the PlayStation 5 has appeared on Amazon, this time in France. According to a recently discovered listing, the standard model (that's the version with a disc drive) will cost €499.99. That's about £447, although it's worth noting that the UK price might not be a straight conversion.

Ben Geskin on Twitter shared a screengrab of the listing, which you can see below. However, the image seems to have already been around for a few days, and we can't see the same information when we check out the Amazon France listing. Take this information with a pinch of salt, is what I'm saying. "Leaked" Amazon listings are hardly official confirmation.

With that said, the supposed price could give some indication of what to expect. For comparison, the PlayStation 3 launched for €599/ £425, and the PlayStation 4 launched for €399/£349. It's widely expected that Sony will try to find a middle ground between the two. Don't forget that the PS3 launch price was widely regarded to be absolutely ridiculous, and very nearly tanked the console. No way Sony wants to repeat that.

It's also worth noting that Sony intends to release an all-digital version of the PS5, and that this disc-less model will be the cheaper option. How much cheaper remains to be seen, but it's been predicted that the digital model could be up to £100 less. I'd certainly be okay with forking out £347 for a PS5, even if it came at the expense of owning physical discs.

Interestingly, the listing also points to a release date of Friday, November 20th. This, I could very much see being legit. We already know that Sony intends to launch the console during the holiday period, and it'll almost certainly be before Christmas so that parents can spoil their kids and I can justify treating myself by dipping into my overdraft.

The PlayStation 5 logo /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 launched in November (the 11th and 15th respectively), so it would certainly make sense to drop the next-gen console around the same time.

The PS5 price has been a hotly debated issue over the last few months. Most recently, a former Xbox exec who oversaw the launch of Microsoft's last three consoles argued that there's "no way" the PS5 will cost more than $499. This wouldn't exactly line up with the Amazon France leak, however, as €500 is roughly $560.

Meanwhile, a number of other industry analysts have predicted that Sony will sell the PS5 for $470 at most. Clearly we're just going to have to wait and see what Sony has to say about price.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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