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PlayStation 5 Has Secured Major Third-Party Exclusives, According To Report

PlayStation 5 Has Secured Major Third-Party Exclusives, According To Report

"You'll be shocked."

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

According to a new report, Sony is currently working behind the scenes to ensure some massive next-gen titles appear on PlayStation 5 first as timed exclusives. It's just like Ron Perlman says at the start of Fallout 3: Console wars. Console wars never change. He said something like that, anyway.

This comes from former Game Informer editor Imran Khan, who now works as a host and contributor at Kinda Funny. On a recent episode of Kinda Funny Games Daily, Khan and co-host Tim Gettys were discussing the controversial inclusion of Spider-Man as a PlayStation-exclusive character in Marvel's Avengers when Sony's next-gen plans came up.

The Playstation 5 /

"There are things you will be shocked to find out that Sony is moneyhatting, that they are locking up for timed exclusivity," Khan revealed at around the 22:20 mark. "'Wow, that is a game that you're choosing?' Not because it's bad, but because it's huge.

"I'm interested to see where this conversation is going to be in a couple of months because there are games that are widely accepted as multi-platform that Sony is locking up for a little while."

We certainly haven't heard anything to suggest that Sony has secured timed exclusivity to any major next-gen third-party releases, but the company has been very slow and methodical in sharing its plans. Khan has a solid track record and certainly knows what he's talking about, and the concept of timed exclusives is certainly nothing new. It definitely wouldn't be that surprising to see PS5 bag some big games, but I suppose it depends exactly which titles we're talking about.

Resident Evil Village /

The most recent generation saw some notable timed exclusives on both sides. Xbox One got Shadow Of The Tomb Raider around a year before PS4. Meanwhile, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered hit PS4 a few months before Xbox One. It's also heavily rumoured that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on Xbox One and PC around a year on from the game's PS4 launch, but Square Enix has yet to confirm this.

What major releases could Sony possibly have secured on PS5, then? The sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost certainly one, I would imagine. I'd also suspect that PlayStation will continue to release exclusive Call Of Duty content as we head into next-gen, as has been the way for years now.

The one game that I'm really wondering about right now is Resident Evil Village. The upcoming survival horror game was shown off during the PlayStation 5 reveal event, after all. That doesn't automatically mean it'll be a PS5 timed exclusive, of course, but that would certainly qualify as "huge". With more PS5 news expected to drop later this month, we'll just have to wait and see.

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