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​Little Big Planet Is Back On The PS5 As ‘Sackboy: The Big Adventure’

​Little Big Planet Is Back On The PS5 As ‘Sackboy: The Big Adventure’

Sackboy is back.

Julian Benson

Julian Benson

During the Sony PlayStation 5 reveal we've seen a lot of games returning but perhaps none so delightful as Little Big Planet, Media Molecule's gorgeous platformer.

Simply called Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the game looks to be a much more focused platformer. Though, knowing its developer it will likely have a lot more going on under the hood than first appears.

While the Little Big Planet series was a side-scrolling platformer, it looks like Sackboy: A Big Adventure is moving into a full 3D platformer - making this the Mario 64 of the Little Big Planet series? Though it won't be Media Molecule's first 3D platformer, it also made the excellent Tearaway for the PS Vita and PS4. That was a game that played with all the features of the sony hardware, so hopefully we can expect the same from this new platformer.

It will also be interesting to see how Sackboy: A Big Adventure plays into Media Molecule's other game: Dreams. Is this made in the same engine, is there any overlap between the titles or will they be entirely separate?

Also shown off in the Sony reveal was a new Spider-Man game and a return for Ratchet & Clank. While Sony is bringing new series to its console, it's exciting to see all these old favourites finding new life on the next generation console.

The new game showcase only showed brief trailers for the games being announced so there's clearly tonnes more to learn about them. Hopefully now news of the games is out in the wild developers like Media Molecule will be free to talk about what they have been working on.

Featured Image Credit: Media Molecule