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Nintendo Is Delaying Its E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation This Year

Nintendo Is Delaying Its E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation This Year


Vikki Blake

Vikki Blake

Nintendo has reportedly pushed back plans to run a Nintendo Direct presentation around the time when E3 should have happened - so, early June, in other words.

As reported by Venturebeat (thanks, Eurogamer), the decision comes as the company deals with changes and delays arising from the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Eurogamer adds that it too has been able to corroborate the rumours.

It'll be a blow to Nintendo fans - the company had intended to commemorate Super Mario Bros. ahead of its 35th - 35th! - anniversary in September. Now, due to development delays for many of its upcoming first-party titles, it's telling its partners not to rely on a Nintendo Direct for announcements and instead suggests they individually make their own reveals.

Iwata and Miyamoto on a Nintendo Direct /
Nintendo, YouTube

Nintendo has yet to respond to requests for an official comment, but it's thought the next Direct will debut in late summer/Q3, closer to the September celebrations.

E3 2020 was called off last month, following a number of high-profile delays and cancellations in response to the pandemic. The decision came shortly after California declared a state of emergency due to the spread of the coronavirus, but the organisers were "exploring options with our members to coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and news in June 2020".

Indie publisher Devolver Digital was among the first to emerge with a warning, advising that people cancel their E3 flights and hotels. Former Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier then retweeted Devolver's message, adding: "Been hearing secondhand whispers tonight from several devs/pubs that E3 is cancelled. Although I've also heard from a couple of people in positions to know that the organisers the Entertainment Software Association hadn't officially made a decision yet and is still consulting with publishers. Either way, it's only a matter of time."

E3 /
Electronic Entertainment Expo, the ESA

And a matter of time it was. Just a few hours later, the ESA confirmed the show would change this year, and further added that next year's E3 will run from 15-17 June 2021 as a "reimagined event".

While E3 has historically been the place to make those huge video game announcements, industry changes - including the decision by some, including Sony, to give the trade show a miss - have had some questioning the longevity of the show... particularly after the organisers unwittingly released the personal details of thousands of attendees last year, including journalists and influencers.

Back to Nintendo, and what new reveals - Mario aside - are you hoping to see when a new Direct shows up? More news on the Breath of the Wild Sequel, or perhaps Metroid Prime 4? When will we ever see Bayonetta 3 in action? You can let us know your hopes for what Nintendo has up its sleeves via Facebook and Twitter.

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