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Two Underrated PlayStation Franchises Being Revived For PS5, Says Insider

Two Underrated PlayStation Franchises Being Revived For PS5, Says Insider

I never thought I'd see the day

Two classic, and highly underrated, PlayStation franchises are being revived for PlayStation 5, according to a new report from a trusted insider. 

XboxEra co-founder Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker claims to have heard from an “OG Sony source” that new entries for both Infamous and Sly Cooper are currently in some form of development for the new-gen console. 

Infamous, developed by Ghost Of Tsushima studio Sucker Punch Productions, started life on the PlayStation 3 back in 2009. While sales and critical reception were good enough for the open-world superhero series, it was ultimately put on ice following the PlayStation 4 release of Infamous: Second Son in 2014. 

Given that Ghost Of Tsushima has already found considerably more success than its cousin, it’s somewhat of a surprise to learn that PlayStation is at all interested in returning to the world of Infamous. Of course it’s likely that Sucker Punch has multiple teams working on different projects to allow Ghost Of Tsushima and Infamous to co-exist. 

But however surprised we might be to learn of the return of Infamous, that’s nothing compared to the prospect of Sly Cooper reemerging from the void. Another Sucker Punch creation, the stealth platform action of sneaky raccoon Sly Cooper ran from 2002 to 2013. It’s fair to say it’s one of the lesser-known PlayStation IPs at this point, but far be it from us to stand against the little fella’s return. 

Reports suggest that Sucker Punch is indeed working on the Infamous follow-up, although it’s rumoured that a different, currently unnamed, studio has taken on Sly Cooper’s comeback. 

Take all this with a pinch of salt for now, of course, But between this news, reports of a Twisted Metal revival, and the Metal Gear Solid remake rumours, the PlayStation 5 could see some seriously big names return at last. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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