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Twitch Star Reveals She Was Robbed And Left Stranded In London

Twitch Star Reveals She Was Robbed And Left Stranded In London

“I was getting ding, ding, ding, from someone immediately spending s**t on my card.”

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Sweet_Anita, a Twitch streamer who has cultivated an online community through her passion for gaming and raising awareness of her disability, has shared her story of being robbed and left stranded in London recently.

Starting her streaming career in 2018, Sweet_Anita swiftly became one of the most popular stars on the platform in just three years. With over one million followers, part of this stratospheric success is due to her honesty about how her neurological disorder affects her everyday life. She has a rare form of Tourette's syndrome which causes her to suddenly say swear words or socially inappropriate comments. These are called tics and Sweet_Anita has worked with charities to promote greater awareness and understanding of the disorder.

However, Sweet_Anita has been the target of harassment. In 2019, she suffered abuse as a result of a stalker who was obsessed with learning where she lived and even threatened harm to her and her pet animals. This latest story is sadly another instance where the streamer's luck has taken a turn for the worse.

"This guy bumped into me, like, a bit weirdly. Like face on face, I think I felt one of his teeth," she said, starting the story while chatting live on Twitch. "Five seconds later, we had to get off the train, and I go to look at my ticket to find out what platform I'm on next, and it's gone."

"After that I had no ticket, and I had to go and approach loads of strangers who didn't know me, firstly in London, then across the country, along a four-hour journey with many changes, to explain someone took my wallet and that I don't have a ticket, but I need to get home and I can't," continued the streamer. Worryingly, this could have become a dangerous situation as Sweet_Anita was reliant on other people to offer her cash for tickets that would take her home.

"I was getting ding, ding, ding, from someone immediately spending s**t on my card," said Sweet_Anita, simulating the noise from the notifications she was receiving on her phone about her card's activity. "They bought Amazon Movies, they bought food, they tried every single card to see if they had money on them. Incidentally, my bank didn't let me close my credit card, so they're still spending that. I have tried to tell them, but they're ignoring me."

At the moment, it's not known whether the streamer has been able to reclaim the money she lost from being pickpocketed, but her community has had her back during this unfortunate incident.

Featured Image Credit: Sweet Anita via Twitch, Kat Northern Lights Man via Flickr

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