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This Gaming Chair Might Be The Most Extra Thing I've Ever Seen

This Gaming Chair Might Be The Most Extra Thing I've Ever Seen

A wing and a chair.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

If you ask me, which you didn't, I reckon gaming chairs are starting to get ideas well above their station, going to places no chair should ever go.

I understand that gaming chairs need to be both comfortable and functional given the ungodly amount of time us sweaty nerds spend sat in them, but why can't they just be chairs? Why must we play God and add all kinds of unnecessary crap to them, like a pair of bloody wings?

You'd have to ask gaming chair merchant DXRacer why such a thing is necessary, since since the company has gone right ahead and decided to put together a special version of its new pink kitty chair, complete with obscenely large angel wings sprouting out the back. I'll admit that it looks pretty damn cool, but why would anyone ever need something like this?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the pink kitty chair itself, by the way, even if the name makes me feel slightly queasy. It certainly does exactly what a gaming chair is supposed to.

It's pink, it's soft, it has a cat's face for a headrest, and it most assuredly doesn't need a pair of wings bolted to the back of it. Why must DXRacer play God like this?

The good news then (or bad news depending on your perspective), is that the $399 doesn't actually come with mechanised wings - you'd have to mod those on yourself, provided you had the time, patience, tools, resources, skill, and money to buy a standard version of the pink kitty chair.

The wings were in fact modded onto just one exclusive version of the chair by by the company's Chinese headquarters to promote the launch, but it's fair to say that they did a pretty swish job with it. It's extra, and it's pointless, but it sure does look swell, if you're into this kind of thing. I just wonder who gets to take the winged version of the chair home.


If you're really desperate to get your hands on a pink kitty chair (sans wings) DXRacer seems to be fresh out of them right now, unfortunately, but you can keep an eye on the company's social channels to get updated on when they've got more in.

Featured Image Credit: DXRacer/Rockstar

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