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'Skyrim' Player Finds A Second Dawnbreaker Sword, Becomes Unstoppable

'Skyrim' Player Finds A Second Dawnbreaker Sword, Becomes Unstoppable

Draugrs are quaking in their crypts with this one.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is packed with stories and secrets and one of these quests will bestow the Dragonborn with the most brutal weapon against draugr. This player, however, managed to grab two of them which now makes them an absolute menace to the living and the dead.

Skyrim is enjoying something of a renaissance right now. Bethesda has recently revealed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition for PC, last-gen and new-gen consoles and it's arriving with its three expansions and a new fishing feature. I hate to say it, but I probably will jump back into the game purely for the fishing. I'm a simple woman of simple wants. The Anniversary Edition is also a brilliant opportunity for those who've never played the fantastical RPG - they do exist, you know.

Furthermore, tidbits about the inspirations and inside jokes in the game are emerging from former Bethesda developers. Like the fact that foxes do lead the player to treasure, though they weren't meant to. And it is possible to take Maurice along to the Eldergleam Sanctuary and resolve the Gildergleam quest without returning sopping wet with blood and entrails.

What a weird and wonderful world it is. Hankering for a round trip? Then check out our very real and very serious travel guide to the homeland of the Nords.

All of this talk, and this time, I might have to try out Reddit user Torg3307's strategy to end up with two Dawnbreakers. One of the most sought after swords in the game, it comes from the quest titled "The Break of Dawn," funnily enough. The weapon has two enchantments that make it a must-have for delving into those dingy dungeons filled with draugr. Firstly, Meridia's Retribution can cause the victim to explode if it is hit enough times in a ten second window of time. Secondly, the sword incurs fire damage either equal or above the base damage of Dawnbreaker.

Quite the get, as you can see. So, that Torg3307 has gotten their mitts on two copies of the sword thereby allowing them to dual wield this extremely powerful artefact, chills me to my very core. The worst part is that people are aware of how to glitch the game to achieve this and are sharing the steps to wreak terror on Skyrim.

Oh, fine. This is how. In the battle between the Dragonborn and Malkoran, it is likely that Dawnbreaker will be knocked out of its stand in the scuffle. If you want to ensure this happens, then the prevailing advice is to use Unrelenting Force in the fight. This will cause the game to copy the sword, sending one into the air and holding one in its position. The player should go and find the copy before collecting the original Dawnbreaker as the end of "The Break of Dawn" will transport them out of the dungeon. If these instructions are followed, then the Dragonborn will have two of the unique sword. Ta da.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Chelsey Ryan

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