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'Splitgate' Is Basically Halo Meets Portal And It Looks Great

'Splitgate' Is Basically Halo Meets Portal And It Looks Great

I'm making a note here, "huge success."

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Splitgate, a visually exciting free-to-play shooter from studio 1047 Games, is on its way to Xbox and PlayStation, and you'll definitely want to keep an eye on this one.

The maps (of which there are a whopping 20 available from the get-go) are super slick and colourful, and would certainly fit right in with Overwatch's playlist of futuristic locales across the world. However, there are two classic series that come to mind when we watch players catapult themselves from point to point on Pantheon and get the upper hand on their competitors. The first is Halo: guns have next to no recoil, and the arsenal includes a burst-fire Battle Rifle as well as a number of weapons that fans will instantly get to grips with in the heat of the battle. The second is Portal: all players are given a portal gun that creates two portals on blue surfaces that are often positioned on corners and chokepoints. As such, you're able to turn the tides no matter where you are nor your role in the match, securing a surprise attack or escaping from pursuers. Splitgate released for PC via Steam in 2019, and since then, 1047 Games has been improving the overall experience for its debut on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

I've learned that actions speak louder than words, so check out footage of shooter below.

It's even more awesome that Splitgate started out as an academic assignment as one of the developers was studying computer science at Stanford University. "Keep your head on a swivel and experience intense, traversal action as you fly, flank, and frag through the air using portal combat to constantly out-smart and out-maneuver your enemies," reads the game's description. "There's nothing quite like landing a no-scope headshot from behind after portalling circles around a confused enemy, who still thinks you are standing in front of him!"

There are more than 15 casual and competitive game modes, and crossplay is going to be implemented between PC and console communities. If this is sounding like it's right up your street, did I mention that it's free-to-play? The microtransactions involved in Splitgate only cover cosmetic items, allowing players to customise their looks, ranging from standard sci-fi armour to a dapper cat in a flat cap. A dapper cat in a flat cap. With portals. Need I go on?

Featured Image Credit: 1047 Games

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