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Even Microsoft Thinks The Xbox Series X Name Is Ridiculous

Even Microsoft Thinks The Xbox Series X Name Is Ridiculous

It’s a tongue-twister for the modern age.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Yep, Microsoft knows that the Xbox Series X isn't the greatest of names for its new console, but it's too late now. We've got to like it or lump it with this ridiculous name for the next seven years or so.

The Xbox Series X exports exacting examples of exploding exurbias. Now say it ten times fast. Microsoft has taken a different tack to Sony when it comes to the successor of each of its consoles and it's definitely the road less travelled for a reason. With the PlayStation, it was followed by the PlayStation 2, which was followed by the PlayStation 3, which was followed by the PlayStation 4, which was followed by the PlayStation 5. Simple and straightforward enough for any fresh-faced gamer to work out what was released when. In fact, Sony has filed trademarks all the way up to the PlayStation 10, so hold onto your hats.

What's in a name? Well, if you ask a The Elder Scrolls boffin, quite a lot. Fans were dead certain that Redfall was the title of the next game in the fantasy series, but it was actually the name of Arkane Studios' supernatural squad-based adventure. Oops.

Check out its stylish trailer below.

On the other hand, Microsoft has developed and delivered the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 S, Xbox 360 E, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Like. I'm not even sure if my own eyes took that sentence into my brain and I'm the one who typed it. If the sequence of Xboxs isn't enough, it's almost certainly led to a number of confused parents wiping their brows with Christmas lists, trying to work out if their teenybopper wants an Xbox One X or an Xbox Series X.

In this video posted by the official Xbox account on Instagram, it's clear that Microsoft is aware of the tongue-twisting effects of the new console's name. "We'll keep going until someone tells us to stop," reads the caption (which sounds slightly like a threat to me) as it cycles through images of an Xbox Series X box, an ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to its box, and so on. Commenters are shocked that they're seeing so many Xbox Series Xs in the same place, as the majority are complaining about the scarcity of the console as a result of the semiconductor shortage.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Paramount Domestic Television

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