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This Custom God Of War PlayStation 5 Needs To Be In My Life

This Custom God Of War PlayStation 5 Needs To Be In My Life

Give it to me.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

It's no secret that the PlayStation 5 design has proven somewhat... divisive. Since its reveal last week, fans have mocked its size, shape, and Ethernet router-like appearance. I'm sure the look of the thing isn't going to be the deciding factor in whether or not people buy one, but the internet really has ripped into the next-gen hardware.

As it turns out, contempt really seems to have bred creativity. We've already seen a number of gorgeous fan-made PlayStation 5 designs, including a very striking model based on Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Now, feast your eyes on this beautifully extra af God Of War model, courtesy of a Spanish fan page. I wish to make this a reality, that I might own it for myself.

I could live without the Blades Of Chaos, which I think are supposed to be glued on to the base there, but I dig the rest of it. The Leviathan Axe looks beautiful etched on to the side of the machine, and the God Of War Omega symbol certainly looks striking in its front-and-centre position.

We still don't know for sure whether or not God Of War 2 is in development, even though by all accounts it almost definitely is. Either way, I can promise you that I'd snap this beast right up if it was released as a special edition alongside a new PS5 adventure for Kratos and Atreus.

In other PlayStation news, Sony is currently offering an eye-watering $50,000 to anyone out there who can detect 'critical'-level breaches on PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 5 /

The recently launched bounty program essentially wants the good guys to find and fix any glaring security before some the wrong type of hacker finds and exploits them. Of course, this bounty program might also alert any naughty hackers out there that there could be flaws to be found.

"At PlayStation, we strive to be the best place to play, and believe that the security of our environment is fundamental to that goal," Sony wrote in a statement. "We believe that through close partnerships with the security research community we can deliver a safer place to play."

If you're a technically minded soul and you're reading this, I have one request. Go and help Sony out with this, and then demand they make this God Of War PS5 a reality. Do it for me. For all of us.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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