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PlayStation Surprises Even More PS Plus Subscribers With Extra Gifts

PlayStation Surprises Even More PS Plus Subscribers With Extra Gifts

Check your notifications.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

It looks as if PlayStation is once again surprising its subscribers, seemingly at random, with free gifts. This time, a handful of users have reported being sent a discount for further PlayStation Plus access.

Those who are receiving the offer can use a code to claim 1/3 off either a three or twelve month PlayStation Plus subscription. The offer appears to be valid until August 9th, and those additional months would be added to however many months subscribers have already purchased.

PlayStation Plus /

Reports of this new offer first surfaced over on Reddit (via Push Square), although it looks like a very small number of users have actually received such a code. Much like the free £10 credit that was sent out the subscribers as part of the PlayStation Plus tenth anniversary last month, there's no easy way to tell exactly who or how many of these codes are being given out.

Some have even questioned the legitimacy of these codes, but several users on Reddit, Twitter, and the comment section of Push Square are saying that the discount worked just fine for them... although they all would much rather have received the £10 credit, by the sounds of it. To find out if you received one of these codes (or even the £10 from last month) you need to check the notifications on your PlayStation 4.

Don't get your hopes up too high though; the £10 giveaway was extremely limited in the end, and I imagine this random promotion will be equally sparse.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout /

Even if you don't end up with this particular freebie, all PlayStation Plus subscribers can be safe in the knowledge that they all have access to August's free games - and they're pretty damn good. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered adds new bells and whistles (and a needlessly wordy title) to the single-player mode of the 2009 classic. That's available for subscribers to download right now.

As good as that is, subscribers can also get their mitts on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The brand-new Takeshi's Castle-inspired battle royale game launched yesterday as a freebie on PlayStation Plus, and it's already proven to be a massive hit. Be sure to add it your library and check it out ASAP, because it's a genuine cracker.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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