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PlayStation Is Offering $50,000 To Users Who Find PSN Security Flaws

PlayStation Is Offering $50,000 To Users Who Find PSN Security Flaws

Stay alert, stay safe, get paid

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Did you know that Sony has a budget dedicated to preventing damage to its PlayStation Network and wider PlayStation 4 ecosystem? Well, as you can see from its Hacker One page, it does. And you could be in line for a lil payout - or even a large one - from said budget if you identify a flaw in PSN's security.

As reported by VG247, Sony's newly launched bounty program aims to catch any gaping holes in PlayStation security before some nasty types go and exploit them. The program's overview reads:

"At PlayStation, we strive to be the best place to play, and believe that the security of our environment is fundamental to that goal. We believe that through close partnerships with the security research community we can deliver a safer place to play."

A hacking mini-game, from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided /
Square Enix

And if you're in that "security research community", and you find a genuine problem with PSN or PS4 security, you could be looking at a tidy reward. The maximum payout Sony is offering for 'critical'-level breaches on PlayStation 4 is $50,000. On PSN, the same level carries a top reward of $3,000, and both scale downwards across lower levels of priority - from 'Critical' to 'High', then 'Medium' and finally 'Low'.

The Hacker One page lists the domains that Sony is monitoring, including and, and the company asks that users "Act in good faith, by conducting your activities under this policy, and reporting the vulnerability with us prompt; in sufficient detail for us to determine the validity of the vulnerability; and without coercion, dishonesty or fraudulent intent."

Sony's bounty levels /
Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hacker One

On average, the bounty that Sony pays out is $400 - which suggests that they've not been alerted to anything too serious, yet. In the last 90 days, over $50,000 has been paid out, with the overall rewards total for the scheme sitting currently at $173,000. A small price to pay, no doubt, for ensuring that PSN users and PS4 players can enjoy their gaming without fear of their experience being wrecked by nefarious sorts.

IDK about you, but if I knew my way around a hack or two, I'd probably be poking around PSN right now, just to check. What's the worst that could happen, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Kung Fury still from Lampray, Laser Unicorns

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