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PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Coming Very Soon, According To Report

PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Coming Very Soon, According To Report


Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A new report claims that the PlayStation 5 reveal event is coming very soon. According to new information from games journalist and reliable leaker Jeffrey Grubb, who covers games for Venture Beat, Sony will finally be giving us our first look at the next-gen console - as well as some of the games coming up for it - on June 4th.

Grubb, who previously correctly leaked the date of last month's Nintendo Direct, shared in response to a question on Resetera that the long-rumoured PS5 event is "currently" planned for June. I would, of course, advise you take this with a pinch of salt for now. Reliable news-breakers VGC have also heard that Sony was planning the event for May, but acknowledge that date could have slipped into early June.

The new PlayStation 5 logo /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Rumours of a PS5 reveal event have been floating around since late last year, with numerous supposed leaks pointing to a February date for the big show. Obviously this didn't come to pass, although Sony has apparently been forced to readjust its plans time and time again due to coronavirus, so who can say exactly when the reveal was originally supposed to take place?

March saw Sony finally reveal the PlayStation 5's full specs in a tech-heavy deep dive, while earlier this month we got our first look at the console's brand-new DualSense controller. All that's really left to show off at this point is the console itself and some of the games that Sony has lined up for us.

Given June is when E3 was supposed to take place, and various companies like Microsoft, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. are reportedly gearing up for their own big reveals around this time, it'd make sense for Sony to get involved and get folk excited about the future of PlayStation.

Sure enough, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan teased just a few weeks ago that the PS5 reveal would take place in "the coming months". He also reaffirmed that the PS5 will be launching during the 2020 holiday period, as initially planned.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

However, analysts and insiders have since warned that even if the PS5 hits its intended release window, it won't launch at the price the company intended to launch it for. A recent report from Bloomberg claimed that higher-than-expected manufacturing costs, coupled with the economic impact of the current crisis, could drive the price of the next-gen console up to anywhere between $499 to $549 (£400 to £440).

Both Microsoft and Sony have skated around the prices of their respective consoles for the last few months - but with the release windows coming ever closer, the coming reveals and events should see both companies finally reveal those all-important figures.

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