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PlayStation 5 Price Appears On French Retail Website, And It's Not Too Expensive

PlayStation 5 Price Appears On French Retail Website, And It's Not Too Expensive

Here we go again...

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The elusive PlayStation 5 price appears to have surfaced once again. This time, it's been spotted over on major French retailer Carrefour's website... and actually seems to match up with the previous listing that appeared on Amazon France a couple of months back. While this doesn't necessarily mean anything, it does lend the leaked listing a little more credence.

The listing, as spotted by BGR, puts the standard PlayStation 5 console at €499. The digital edition also appears on the site, for the much cheaper price of €399. That'd put the standard and digital editions of the PS5 at roughly £447 and £360 respectively in the UK... although it's worth noting that the UK price might not be a straight conversion.


I'm seriously hoping it is, however, as that's looking a lot cheaper than I might have expected. It might not even be the wildest notion for Sony to release its next-gen console at such a price.

It's worth remembering that that PlayStation 3 launched for €599/ £425, and the PlayStation 4 launched for €399/£349. It's widely expected that Sony will try to find a middle ground between the two, as the PS3 had an incredibly troubled launch thanks to its ridiculous launch price. Sony won't want to repeat that mistake, even as it attempts to lure people in with quality exclusives. You can, in fact, put a price on my love of Spider-Man.

For now, the price of the PlayStation 5 remains a hotly contested topic. At the moment, price predictions seem to range between £600 to £400 for the standard model. Last month, a former Xbox exec who oversaw the launch of Microsoft's last three consoles argued that there's "no way" the PS5 will cost more than $499/£382

Meanwhile, a number of other industry analysts have predicted that Sony is unlikely to sell the PS5 for anything more than $470. Of course with all these leaks and predictions all being made in different currencies without a thought for the conversion rate, it becomes a little harder to pin that all-important price down. Rumours suggest that Sony has more PS5 news to share later this month, so hopefully we haven't much longer to wait before the we finally know how much cash we're parting with come the holiday season.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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