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PlayStation 4 Halloween Sale Massively Discounts Essential Horror Games

PlayStation 4 Halloween Sale Massively Discounts Essential Horror Games

With Halloween coming up, you'll be looking for something spooky to play.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Halloween is creeping up on us, so you'll probably want something spooky to play. Am I right? I bet I'm right. Given the current situation, it's unlikely that most of us will be unable to attend Halloween parties like we might normally would have, so we're much better off simply curling up on the sofa with friends/partners/pets and feeling the fear with some of the best horror games out there.

Fortunately PlayStation has you covered with a new Halloween sale that discounts some of the better horror games of the last few years. Resident Evil 2, Little Nightmares, Alien: Isolation and plenty more are all waiting for you at some pretty reasonable prices.

Alien: Isolation - The Collection is currently massively discounted and costs just under a tenner. If by some amazing chance you haven't had enough of isolation this past year, you could do a lot worse than this gut-churning game of cat and mouse. Being stalked through a spaceship by an alien nightmare isn't just fun - it's preferable to our day-to-day reality right now.

Alien: Isolation /

If Alien: Isolation is a bit too visceral for you, how about Little Nightmares for £3.99? This platformer might appear to boast Tim Burton-style cuteness on the surface, but it's actually one of the more disturbing games of this generation. A must-play for horror fans, with some set pieces that will leave your heart in your mouth.

You want some Resident Evil action? You can get the fourth, fifth and sixth entries as part of a triple-pack for £11.99. You're better off skipping Resident Evil 6, though - by which I mean you should throw it into a skip and light that skip on fire.

Other highlights include Zombie Army Trilogy for £8.99, The Evil Within 2 for £17.49, and Bloodborne for £7.99. Some people might argue that Bloodborne isn't a horror game. I'd counter, with respect, that those people are idiots that have no idea what they're saying and should keep their fleshy mouth holes closed when it comes to things they know nothing about.

Basically, you can check out all the offers right here... but you should definitely get Bloodborne for less than a tenner. Please and thank you.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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