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'Horizon Zero Dawn 2' Potentially Set For PS5 Event, Composer Teases

'Horizon Zero Dawn 2' Potentially Set For PS5 Event, Composer Teases

New horizons.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

The PlayStation Future Of Gaming event kicks off tonight, June 11th at 9pm BST. With mere hours to go before we finally get our first look at some of the PlayStation 5 games we'll be playing later this year, fan-expectation has reached fever pitch. We have no idea what's in store, but heavy hitters like God Of War 2, a new Silent Hill, and the WB. Montreal Batman game have all been rumoured to appear.

We can now filed another major reveal under the rumour column, as Horizon Zero Dawn composer Joris de Man has teased that developer Guerrilla Games might just have something to show off tonight. Naturally, the thinking is that it's Horizon Zero Dawn 2 - which would be an absolutely huge launch title for the next-gen console to have.

The Ivor Novello winning composer took to Twitter earlier today to share a PlayStation tweet reminding everyone of the event, writing that he wondered what they'll be showing off. Does it mean Guerrilla definitely has a reveal planned for tonight? Not at all, but the wording, timing, and use of a cheeky smiley face imply that something, perhaps, is afoot.

Just a few months ago, we learned that Sony and Guerrilla have a firm plan in place for Horizon to form a trilogy, and that the second game is currently in development.

It's also understood that the upcoming sequel was previously being developed for PS4, before work shifted over to the next-gen console. It's been suggested that the new game will be "gigantic" in scope, and will feature a far larger open world with a greater emphasis on exploration. There's been talk of some kind of online co-op feature too, which would track with previous job listings posted by the studio.

Horizon Zero Dawn /

It's been a big year for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 news so far, then. If Sony uses tonight's event to only show off one sequel to a PS4 exclusive, it'd make sense for it to be this one. After all Horizon Zero Dawn came out a lot earlier than God Of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Days Gone, which would suggest that it'd be the furthest along of all the possible PS5 sequels.

We'll just have to tune into the PlayStation Future Gaming event tonight to find out for sure.

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