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Batman Game Potential First Look Leaks Ahead Of PlayStation 5 Event

Batman Game Potential First Look Leaks Ahead Of PlayStation 5 Event

Tonight's the knight.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Tonight could be finally be the night that over a year's worth of infuriating teases, leaks, and rumours come to end. Tonight, my friends, could well be the night that Warner Bros. Montreal finally announces the Batman game that it's rumored/pretty much widely known to have been working on.

An image which some believe to have been taken from an upcoming trailer for the Batman game appears to have leaked online. As you can see below, it appears to have been taken from the end of the trailer, and features the Batman emblem above the now familiar "Capture The Knight" teaser that WB. Montreal has been banding about since last year.

The image also features the PS5 branding in the corner, which perhaps suggests that the game is set to be shown off during the PlayStation Future Of Gaming event tonight at 9pm BST. PlayStation previously teamed up with Warner Bros. to market Batman: Arkham Knight, so this wouldn't be the first time the two companies had struck some kind of deal.

The source of this image is completely unverified, however, so definitely take what you see below with a pinch of salt. It could simply be someone having a bit of fun with us.

Hopefully not though, because what's really interesting is that the Batman emblem looks an awful lot like the one featured in Batman Beyond. For those who might not know, Batman Beyond was an (awesome) animated series from the 90s that followed the adventures of an older Bruce Wayne as he trained a new hero to take on the role of Batman in a dystopian Gotham City.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'd probably lose my tiny damn mind if we got a Batman Beyond game. Not just because I loved the show growing up, but because exploring a futuristic Gotham City would be a genuinely fresh take that helps to differentiate the new game from the last few Arkham titles - all of which were set in a modern day Gotham.

Batman: Arkham Knight.

It's been painfully clear for some time that WB Games Montréal has been developing a Batman game. We all know this, right? Everyone from staff at the studio to one of the most critically acclaimed Batman writers of the last few decades have been dropping hint bombs left, right and centre.

A report published last month suggested that Warner Bros. had been planning a massive E3 2020 press conference where it would unveil not only Batman, but the long-rumoured open-world Harry Potter game, too. With E3 cancelled and company's making their own plans, one alleged inside source claimed that Batman would instead be revealed in June.

With the PS5 event mere hours away, we won't have long to wait to find out if Batman will be paying us a visit. I very much hope he drops by.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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