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PlayStation 5 Is The Most Searched-For Holiday Gift This Year

PlayStation 5 Is The Most Searched-For Holiday Gift This Year

PlayStation 5s are still in high demand

In case you somehow missed it, the PlayStation 5 is a hot commodity right now. The new-gen console from Sony is notoriously difficult to find since its 2020 release and coming into the Holiday period, that’s no different. If you really want to show a PlayStation fan you love them this year, of course, you’re going to scramble to see if you can get them a PS5 and the stats have proven its popularity. 

In a study performed by AT&T, the PlayStation 5 is the most searched for gift for Christmas this year in the United States of America. The company has been looking at online trends to see what people have been researching and looking for, and the console beats anything else on the market right now. And the Xbox Series X doesn’t even make it on the list. 

The study splits up each state and shows the most popular product in each place. The results varied but there were eight clear winners that appeared across the country. Number one was the PlayStation 5, as we previously mentioned with 15 states. Next was the Nintendo Switch with eight states and TVs and iPads both had seven states. 

The other top listed items were Airpods, Roku Players, Instant Pots, and Kindles. Sort of strange that Xboxes didn’t make it up there, but they’ve been easier to find in the last year than the PlayStation 5, and the new OLED model may have increased interest in buying Switches once more. 

The methodology of this study is explained on the AT&T website. It reads: “We looked at Ahrefs keywords based on the domain, traffic, and volume. Then we ranked the keywords based on the estimated monthly organic search traffic of the website’s ranking page from a given keyword. From there, we took the top 10 keywords and used Google Shopping to break them down by state popularity over a 90-day period.”

PlayStation 5 //
Sony Interactive Entertainment

So it seems it’s not just this Holiday period but for the last 90-days. That means Black Friday was included too, which might explain some of these trends like TVs. Why get a TV any other time of the year when they’re so cheap on Black Friday right? 

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to buy a PlayStation 5 for a loved one this year, you’re going to have a tough time finding one. Due to a lack of materials affecting most of the tech industry right now, the supply of consoles is limited. If you do see any in stock though, grab them while you can.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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