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'League Of Legends' Is Getting Its Own Animated Series

'League Of Legends' Is Getting Its Own Animated Series

Arcane roots.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Riot Games has just announced Arcane, a brand new animated series set in the League Of Legends universe. Unveiled during the special League Of Legends 10th Anniversary event, the show will be developed and produced by developer Riot Games, and should release some time in 2020.

The project is in its (very) early stages and details are fairly thin on the ground, but we do have an announcement trailer that provides a first look at the animation style, as well as a quick glimpse behind the scenes. You can check that trailer out for yourself below.

While we got confirmation that the story will focus characters from Piltover and the seedy undercity of Zaun, we're not yet sure exactly which heroes or villains will be starring in Arcan- though Ekko, Ezreal, and Jinx do make brief appearances in the reveal trailer.

The trailer's description also notes that Arcane will be an origin story regarding "two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart." Make of that what you will.

Given the rich, deep lore of the League of Legends universe, it's a little surprising that it's taken this long for Riot to announce an adaptation, but the fact that the game's developer is working on it itself should be seen as a reassuring sign to any concerned fans. After all, nobody understands League quite like Riot.

That's all we know about Arcane so far then, but it was a night packed with announcements sure to excite League fans. Riot also confirmed a slew of spinoff games that are currently in the works, including a competitive card game and a class-based shooter.

Arcane /
Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra is to be Riot's free-to-play card game, and will essentially do what Hearthstone does with Warcraft;s stable of heroes, villains, and monsters. You can pre-register to get access to that one right now, if you fancy it.

The developer's Overwatch-style shooter is in a much earlier stage of development, but sounds pretty promising nonetheless. It's not entirely clear whether this one will be related to League Of Legends in the strictest sense, but it looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty interesting take on the class-based shooter.

Finally, Riot announced that League Of Legends would be coming to consoles and mobile devices under the name Wild Rift. The developer insisted in a press release that Wild Rift is not a straight-up port of League, but a "new game built from scratch to ensure it is a polished, legitimate LoL experience that's worth players' time."

Featured Image Credit: Riot Games

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